June 05, 2014

Samuel, Seer

Today, I want to talk about the newest book out, Samuel, Seer. It's the fictionalized autobiography of the Old Testament prophet, Samuel, and it's...hmm...what's a better word than Awesome? Well, it's better than Awesome!

Today, and until the 9th, the Kindle ebook version is free! (Get it here.)
Want the actual page-turnable paper version? Get it here.

About the book:

Israel in Transition

The land is changing from the rule of judges to that of kings; from theocracy to monarchy.
The Philistines in the west harass, plunder, and destroy.

From his mother’s desperate prayers to bear a son, to Samuel’s old age, this fictional autobiography based on the book of First Samuel follows the Seer’s life as he also transitions from his childhood calling in the Temple at Shiloh to leadership of the people of Israel and the crowning of two kings.

About the Author:

Gordon C. Krantz is a long-retired rehabilitation psychologist and an omnivorous reader. His interest in ancient and Biblical history has spanned eight decades.

Mr. Krantz has been an active participant in his churches, serving in every office except Pastor and Treasurer. As an adult Sunday school teacher he brought to bear his study and background in the historical context of both Testaments and in the essential messages of the Bible.
More about the author here.