July 12, 2015

Call for Beta Readers

I've got two novels in need of beta-reading.

Bolts from the Blue is a contemporary romantic suspense by A M Jenner, set in Arizona and Washington D. C. It involves a woman who can see emails as they float through the air, and what happens to her because of her ability.

Sirens in her Heart is a contemporary romance by Natalie Peck. It's set in an unnamed large city in the United States and centers around a once-bitten twice-shy ambulance attendant. It's only nearly contemporary, as it is placed when female ambulance attendants were still fairly new, unusual, and, some think, not to be trusted.

I'm looking for people who enjoy reading, are good at picking mistakes out of movies and books, and have time to get the editing done and the manuscript back on time. Beta readers are allowed three weeks to read, mark-up, and return the manuscript. Must have Microsoft Word. No, OpenOffice won't cut it, the programs aren't good as passing tracked changes back and forth between them. All readers will receive an ebook copy on publication, and a mention (if they want it) in the acknowledgments.

Anyone interested in either novel please email secretary@electric-scroll.com. I will take the first three readers for each book, and place other interested people on a list for the next time I'm looking for beta readers.

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