October 08, 2013

Chatting with A M Jenner

Today we hear from our third new author, A M Jenner.

ES: Tell me a little about yourself as a person.

AMJ: Like most people, I own many hats (nearly as many as Dobby the house-elf!) Some of my hats are labeled sister, wife, mother, grandmother, writer, letterboxer, budding artist, and newly-retired secretary. When I look in the mirror at me wearing all of those hats, I can giggle along with most of my fourteen (and counting) grandchildren! I’m happy in front of my computer, a cold glass of icy water near my elbow and a plate of chocolate something next to my keyboard. Occasionally my lap holds both, depending on how wild my characters get.

ES: What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

AMJ: What I like to do and what I get to do are two different things. I like to travel, read, enjoy a quiet but beautiful flower garden, and watch the different birds in my nearby riparian preserve. What I get to do is muddle through my pre-algebra class, try to understand my art teacher, and care for my family, which brings a joy of its own.

ES: If you could have one super-power, what would it be?

AMJ: I would be invisible. It’s much easier to people-watch when nobody knows you’re looking.

ES: What is your favorite color?

AMJ: Teals, purples, and burgundy.

ES: What’s your writing tool of choice?

AMJ: That depends entirely on if I’m home or on the go. I’ve been known to write on napkins, toilet paper rolls, and fast food sandwich wrappers. Legal pages are nicer, but computers are easier.
ES: What genre do you write, and why?

AMJ: I’ve been known to write poetry (from romantic to horror), and murder-filled suspense with a healthy helping of romance on the side. Friends have often asked me where I’ve been hiding the most recent bodies, as my favorite genre is suspense. At this moment, my friends Scott, Natalie, and I are in the process of separating our careers into our own genres, and I’m really glad the Electric Scroll has taken on the challenge of republishing our several books.

ES: Tell me about your most recent published work, and why people should buy it.

AMJ: Bits & Bites is a collection of short stories that Scott, Natalie, and I worked on together. It has a bit of something for everyone, no matter what genre they like to read. When you finish that, you’ll know the three of us better, and hopefully you’ll like all of our offerings. You can read more about it here.

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