October 22, 2013

Chatting with McKenna Gardner

Today we're pleased to have author McKenna Gardner over for a chat.

ES: Tell me about yourself as a person.

MG: What a difficult question to answer! I feel like I’m quite average, but I accept that I’m unique, just like any person in this world. I think people are fascinating, and all have a story to tell. I like making people laugh, and help solve problems. I like to have order around me, but spontaneity keeps my life interesting. I am the youngest of four children, with three older brothers. I moved around a lot as a kid and liked meeting new people. I have always considered education important and love to learn.

ES: What genre do you write, and why?

MG: I have written historical romance, science fiction, and a psychological thriller. I write stories that won’t leave me alone until they’re recorded. I love honing my craft and providing entertainment for any who read my writing. I have an idea for a young adult fantasy, but I’m not sure I am cut out for the genre. I suppose we’ll find out!

ES: What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

MG: I thrive on spending quality time with my family, my husband and my two daughters. Spending time in the outdoors also brings me immense joy. I find interest in the arts, animals, medicine and science. Primarily, I work as an editor for Xchyler Publishing (pronounced “Skyler”) and Hamilton Springs Press. I love interacting with authors all over the world, helping them fulfill their dreams and polish their projects. We are a close-knit group which grows larger every day.

ES: What is the most important thing in your world?

MG: The most important thing in my world is first and foremost my relationship with my Father in Heaven, His Son, Jesus Christ, and my family and loved ones. Nothing else really matters, yet we sure do spend a lot of time simply surviving this world we’re in. I support my husband in his career, I educate my children, I keep my house clean, and I serve those around me just like they serve me. We all share our talents with each other and one of mine happens to be writing. It’s something I become passionate about when the muse strikes and I find joy in it.

ES: Tell me about your most recent published work, and why people should buy it.

MG: My most recent published work is titled A Dash of Madness: A Thriller Anthology. It contains eight psychological thriller stories which examine the grey zone between right and wrong when insanity is involved. My story, Reformation, is first in the anthology. I was also the content editor for the project and thoroughly enjoyed working with each author. Anthologies are fun because many people have very busy schedules and can only cram in a bit of reading at a time. These short stories give just the right amount of jolt to an otherwise average day. A Dash of Madness can be purchased here.

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