October 05, 2013

Welcome, Authors!

The Electric Scroll is pleased to welcome authors A M Jenner, Scott Ashby, and Natalie Peck to our press. Let me introduce them to you.

A M Jenner (the A M stands for Anne Marie) is a sweet granny who knows all the best ways to hide a body. She writes romantic suspense that will keep you up all night to finish the book. Before her retirement, co-workers were known to come thundering into her office, tell her where they were in the book, and demand to know what happened next, since they didn’t think they could wait until the end of the work day to find out. She never gives out spoilers, though.

Scott Ashby writes science fiction and fantasy, because he’d rather invent a new world that fits his story then twist his story around to fit the real world. Whether his villains are crazed mages in a desert wasteland filled with magic, or the usurping younger brother of the king, they’re well-rounded, believable characters who will haunt your waking moments. Fortunately, his heroes and heroines are well-prepared to meet their challenges. Scott has often confessed to spending his days dreaming up ways to torture his heroes.

Natalie Peck writes sweet romance inspired by her very own red-blooded American hero – her husband. They have one daughter which they both shower with love at every opportunity. They also shower her with responsibilities, so she doesn’t get too badly spoiled.

In the past, Scott and Natalie have been publishing under Anne’s name. We’ll get that straightened out for them as we help them move forward in the wide world of books. For now, know that their books will be listed under the old name as we transition each of the authors from a joint career into their own lives.

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