November 12, 2013

Chatting with Janette Rallison

Today we're pleased to welcome a wonderful author who writes as both Janette Rallison and C. J. Hill.

ES: What genre do you write, and why?

JR: I write both romantic comedies and action with romance. As you can tell, I'm attached to romance.  This is not because I'm married to an electrical engineer whose idea of romance is taking me to see the latest Iron Man movie. I loved reading romance even before I met him. I won't admit how many Harlequin romances I read as a teen, but I will say that for quite some time I thought men were supposed to be tall, dark, and sardonic.

ES: What makes you different from other authors in your genre?

JR: Probably the thing that distinguishes my books from other romances is that all my books are clean. I don't even have swearing in them. (Okay, sometimes I say that a character cursed, but I don't print the curse words themselves.) My kids (at least the ones that will be remembered in my will) read my books. I can't teach them one thing and then have my main characters do the opposite. I would lose all credibility.

ES: What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

JR: When I'm not writing, I'm doing things like running errands or doing housework. As I don't particularly like doing either of those things, I spend a lot of time writing. My avoidance of housework has led me to publish 21 books. All in all, I guess that's a win-win for me and readers.

ES: What could you not survive without for three weeks?

JR: Day dreaming. I've always been a day dreamer.  The worlds in my mind are much more entertaining than my real life.  I'm not sure I could live in real life for three straight weeks without a break. I don't want to try.

ES: Tell me about your most recent published work, and why people should buy it.

JR: Slayers: Friends and Traitors came out Oct 15th. If you haven't read the first book, Slayers, grab a copy. (It's on for those of you who like audio books.)  It's about teens who have superpowers to fight dragons, which is a good thing since dragons are coming back and they don't want to be mankind's friends. It's  got action, humor, romance, and things that go chomp in the night. What more could you ask for?

Booklist wrote that Slayers was "More than a worthy equal of the works of Rick Riordan or Christopher Paolini."
I may have those words tattooed on my body someday.

ES: Slayers: Friends and Traitors is available at Amazon.

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