January 28, 2016

Grand Theft Auto

“It will be two hours before anyone’s out of the movie theater,” Samantha explained. Most of them will go out to eat before coming out to their cars. That will give us another hour. Even then, the people whose license plates we switched will likely just get in their cars and drive away.”

“The people who own this car won’t, though.”

“Right. But they’ll give the police the information on the car, including the right license plate. The authorities will be looking for the plate, not the car. They won’t actually realize that plates were switched until they pull over the car wearing this car’s license plate. And by then, the cars at the mall will have all been dispersed. They’ll have to track them all down one by one, in order to know which plate we’ve got. By then we’ll be over the border into the U.S.” (from Quinn by Marie Evergreen) Read more here.

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